Saturday, 22 February 2014


I never really been a big breakfast person, for me it was always just popping some toast in the toaster or warming up some rice porridge and that was enough for me.

However Lately I've been in quite a bit of a health funk and also now with having coeliac decease for little over five years now the options for gluten free food has finally started to broaden and become more edible (no offence). Although I've also experienced that by having a proper breakfast I've felt a lot fuller and energised through out the day, and wanting to snack less!

Finding the time to have a proper breakfast on days that I work or simply have to be somewhere early i've still been more inclined to just popping some toast in the toaster and grabbing a big bite. So on the days that I have off and have more time, I've started eating yoghurt with fruit and chai spice  for breakfast and mixing the fruit around so that It's not just the boring some thing everyday, and even one day went to my friends place (as we decided to go and make our own breakfast instead of going out for breakfast.) to make some french toast with some asparagus and a yummy potato and pea soup. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little post

Let me know what you guys like for to make for breakfast!! :)

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