Thursday, 11 February 2016

How to: 3 quick and easy hair styles

Helloo everyone how are you all. Recently I have been feeling really uninspired and a bit bored with just having the same basic pony tale hair style for work, so I decided to switch it a little bit up and received lots of compliments. In all honesty if it's not quick or easy to do, i'm not very likely to bother doing anything with me hair, but this only takes a couple of minutes and adds just that little something to your everyday look.

Hopefully you enjoy it and let me know what you think!!

xx Nicole

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Collective haul

Hello Everyone!

Once again, I am here gracing you with a new post. Over the last few weeks, i've collected and bought a couple of items during the boxing day sales and just random little shopping trips and I thought it would be nice sharing with you all what I had bought. So without further a do, I hope you enjoy!

xx Nicole

Monday, 18 January 2016

What I got for Christmas

Helloo everyone!

I'm back again, and feeling refreshed and renewed for the new year. Recently having come back from my holidays, i've been back on the youtube bandwagon and I have really been enjoying watching some of my favourite Youtubers presenting what they had received for christmas and I though why not give it a go myself, so without further a do, I hope you enjoy my new video for the new year and let me know what you think? 

What did you receive for chistmas, let me know i'm very curious! :)

xx Nicole

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Uni and anxiety


Today I thought I'd write something a bit more serious. Something that I find quite difficult to talk about. That something is Anxiety, however more specifically to do with study.

Anxiety is something everyone experiences at least once in their lives. However some unlucky people like me suffer from it quite severely. For me Anxiety isn't just something that will just go away, it will always be there. However I learn to cope with it in different ways. Everyone experiences anxiety in a deferent way, and different situations or things trigger it for different people.

 I've had anxiety quite severely throughout high school, going many sleepless nights having episodes of panic attacks and feeling extremely overwhelmed. Moving to Australia has never been easy for me, learn a completely new language at age eleven through the use of picture books. That way I could learn how to spell and putting a name to a face so to speak. At this point everything just seemed a blur. I had to learn everything as quickly as possible within a year what every other normal kid would've learned and picked up in their 5 years of school, before I started high school. I think thats where I put the most pressure on myself and making friends wasn't so easy. My social skills weren't great, because I couldn't form proper coherent long sentences together, however my writing did progress. 

Instead of talking to the few friends I made, I would tend to listen to them instead. Trying to work out what they were saying and keeping up with conversation, Because of that I really struggled to fit in. All my friends were loud and outgoing while I would usually sit listening to what they would have to say, because I could never quite put into words what I really wanted to express. Ten years on and i've still remained quite timid. Enjoying listening to others peoples conversations. Don't get me wrong I do like to talk, i'm just not very good at conversation. 

Anyway back the point, when I finished high school. I knew that university wasn't a pathway I wanted to go. I didn't want to put so much stress and anxiety on myself again. Instead I decided to go traveling. Go back to Holland and visit my old friends and family that i hadn't seen for 7 years and explore parts of Europe I hadn't been too before. I knew my anxiety would stop me from going to places if I would go and do it alone, so thankfully one of my friends I made was just as keen on a gap year herself. (Maybe if anyone is interested I might write a blog post about Travel Anxiety). Thankfully she put up with my stressful self and we had an amazing time traveling around.

It wasn't until after I had come back from my travels, that I really started to feel unsure of myself and what I wanted to do. I previously had jobs in hospitality and office work and I knew that wasn't really the path I wanted to take. The battle between studying further was a definite struggle, but I knew If i wanted to go somewhere in my life I needed to do some form of study.

So that's where it takes us now in the present. I've got a certificate IV in photography in my pocket and I've almost made it through my entire first year of my Bachelor. It's been quite a journey, i'm not going to lie and there have been many times I wanted to throw in the towel. Instead i'm keeping my head held high. Most of my year has been spent struggling to get through my assignments and tough units, trying to avoid course work because my heart accelerate looking or even thinking about a particular assignment or course. Usually my mind goes all foggy and I can't concentrate. I honestly can't possibly try to explain to you how I managed to get this far. Even though there have been multiple times I told myself I would and change courses, but i'm still here. I might struggle through the next couple of years, but I also know that I can't let my fears stop me from living and achieving things in life.

I think the most important aspect of it all is to remember that it's ok to ask for help from othera around you. Don't look at what the other students achieving around you. Instead set a goal of what you think is achievable for yourself. When you start feeling very uncomfortable in your skin, go and do something that will take your mind off of it ( at this part it becomes hard, because there have been multiple times that I have struggled to stay calm without instantly feeling very jumpy and anxious with adrenaline when even thinking about the assessment, knowing that I have to get back to it). Take your time, it might take longer than most people to completely a certain task or assessment, but allow yourself the time so that when you know you can't look at it today, you have enough time to complete whatever it is you need to do another time. Take one step at a time so that you can hand it in before the due date.
The most important thing I need to remind myself is that Anxiety isn't me. Even though anxiety feels like it does control me, I am not anxiety. I am somebody just like you, who suffers from anxiety. 

I hope this was helpful for some of you. Just know that you are not alone. I'm only a message away.

Until next time,

Nicole xx

Monday, 24 August 2015


Since moving into this house 8 years ago my room has stayed similar yet, at the same time has slowly grown with me also. So these past couple of weeks i've been out and about when I can picking up little things to slowly change my decor in my room. I might make a separate blog post on the things I've picked up, but for now I thought i'd share a few things that inspire me. Maybe you guys can share some room and decor ideas with me? let me know.

Nicole X

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Winter happy

Today is one of those typical gloomy winter days. The skies are filled with grey clouds, while bucketing down millimetres upon millimetres of rain drops hydrating the soil. While our water dams are being filled up with some much needed water, for the months to come. So I thought i'd show you a little inspiration (or mood board if you like) images of things that make me happy during the winter.
What are some of your favourite items/things to do in winter?

Nicole x

Monday, 23 February 2015

Summer essentials


Usually i'm not much of a summer girl and prefer autumn and spring over summer any day. Actually scratch that I love summer and the feeling it brings with the sun kissing my skin, scattering a million freckles on my face. Warm summer nights sitting outside having a barbecue or going for a late night swim. However it's when the weather decides to be over 35 degrees that i start questioning my love of summer. When all you want is to sit inside with the air con on the coolest setting after having just come from outside drenched in sweat (Maybe a bit TMI).

Anyway lets move on from that. I thought today I would share with you in the above pictures my favourite trusty summer items. Now that it's hit the brim of summer and autumn is slowly approaching I thought it was the perfect time to share with you all what has got me through summer so far.

In my beloved summer hand bag(s) I will most likely be carrying invisible zinc. Now my skin is really fair and when the sun has been warming up the beautiful weather its also warming my skin into a wonderful shade of shrimp or even close towards the colour of a tomato. Yep, so to keep my skin protected I love to use the Invisible Zinc sun screen. There are no nasty chemicals that must sun screens have and it even helps your skin tan just that little bit. Now invisible zinc can be a little on the pricy side, but trust me your skin will thank you for it.

To keep fresh and smelling like a daisy, one of my all time favourite perfume brands is Marc Jacobs Daisy (See what I did there). At the moment I am completely in love of the Daisy Dream scent. It's has a clean fresh scent with some sweet undertones that can be perfect to wear all year around. People are constantly asking me what kind of perfume I use because they love the scent (bonus).

Staying on the smelling fresh side. The deodorant I love to use and works the best for me would have to be Dove Original or invisible. Either is fine, it keeps the nasty bio smell away especially while sweating a bucket full during summer and it gives you the confidence the rest of the day to know you are smelling fresh.

My trusty Ray Ban sunglasses might be one of my all-time favourite gift given to me. Unfortunately they were limited edition, but on the inside of the glasses they have little doodles of London. Yep who doesn't love London?

Last but least which isn't a hand bag essential, but have brought me a lot of joy through out summer so far are my Birkenstock Arizona sandals. A lot of people have been raving about them and I thought I would pop into a store to see what all the fuss was about for myself. When I walked into the store I saw these dark brown sandals with rose gold metal clips. Naturally that was the pair of shoes i wanted to try on. Never have my feet felt so comfortable before. the sole is so comfortable and supportive its like little cushions for your feet. Honestly, they are a little on the expensive side, but if you have a little money set aside for a good pair of shoes these are definitely the ones to buy, especially as they will last you a pretty good amount of time.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, 
until next time!!

Nicole xoxo