Thursday, 13 February 2014


Hey guys,

So I honestly can't believe it's been three weeks since my last blog post. The weeks just seem to have flown by.

Apart from losing track of time and on a little less exciting note, I have also started my new job this week as a receptionist. I must say there is a lot more to being a receptionist than answering the phone and booking appointments. The job is only temporary as I am filling in for someone going on leave, but at least i'll gain some experience and knowledge in the process.

Moving on from the boring part and onto something a little more exciting. Three weeks ago I posted my first ever youtube video. I had a lot of fun challenging myself with what to film and editing it and its definitely a new hobby of mine. While coming up with ideas on what to film is the most challenging part, its the end result and the work put into to the video that makes it all worth the while. Like wrote in my previous post, I am mainly doing this as a little side project for myself, become more comfortable with myself and gain that little bit of confidence that I am lacking in myself.

So far I have posted four different videos and although I have realised I am incredibly awkward and I definitely don't like anywhere close to my age I've decided that I am going to aim at filming a video each week and having it up by Thursday or Friday.

Check out my latest video or if you want to check out my other videos here

Until next time, xxx
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