Monday, 24 August 2015


Since moving into this house 8 years ago my room has stayed similar yet, at the same time has slowly grown with me also. So these past couple of weeks i've been out and about when I can picking up little things to slowly change my decor in my room. I might make a separate blog post on the things I've picked up, but for now I thought i'd share a few things that inspire me. Maybe you guys can share some room and decor ideas with me? let me know.

Nicole X

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Winter happy

Today is one of those typical gloomy winter days. The skies are filled with grey clouds, while bucketing down millimetres upon millimetres of rain drops hydrating the soil. While our water dams are being filled up with some much needed water, for the months to come. So I thought i'd show you a little inspiration (or mood board if you like) images of things that make me happy during the winter.
What are some of your favourite items/things to do in winter?

Nicole x