Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lazy afternoons

Sunny Perth is not so sunny anymore. As mid autumn is approaching the weather has finally decided to cooperate with the season, and the temperature is slowly descending. Which only means that sweater weather has finally made it's calling! and means lots of tea and hot chocolates (and well not needing an excuse to stay at home and watch movies) has made its way on the menu.

Now that the house has also cooled down, I always love adding some flowers in my room. Mainly because the weather is cooler I don't have to cross my fingers and hope the flowers don't die within a weeks time from the heat.

How do you spend your lazy afternoons?

xo Nicole


Zozobra said...

My lazy afternoons are spent in much the same way. When the weather is cold, I love coming home from work/uni, stopping to grab an XL coffee or hot chocolate, throwing on some cozy sweats, and relaxing. My relaxing is usually surfing the blog-o-sphere while having something cheesy on TV in the background. Although I live in the states and am getting prepped for summer, your post is already making me think of cool days and dark evenings in a few months time :) xx

The What's In Between

Nicole k said...

sounds like a perfect lazy afternoon! :) xxx