Thursday, 11 September 2014


With much anticipated wait, a Zara store has finally opened in the Perth suburbs, with a two storey Zara store soon to be followed in the Perth CBD. Previously I always had to admire and ogle at the clothes online, wishing I could get my hands on a certain piece. Or wait till my next planned europe trip. However finally with a lot of patience I no longer have to admire from afar. I can actually get my hands on them. What I love about Zara is that it's not extremely over priced for the quality of clothing they bring out. The best possible material is always chosen and the clothing last for a really good amount of time.

A couple of weeks back when I found out the store had opened I knew I had to immediately go and visit, even if it meant taking an hour and a  bit of a car journey to get there. (Waiting for the city store to open was just not on)

Much to my disappointment I couldn't really photograph the layout of the store or the types of clothing on the racks as of right now, due to the swarm of people in the shop. You literally had to squeeze your way through to get somewhere.
The Line for the changing rooms was also about a forty-five minute wait, but you know. It was all worth it. I gained some wonderful clothing items out of it, and it just comes to show that european clothing brand was a much needed addition to our retailers out there. There is going to be some competition going on for sure.

Alas, let me share with you some of the pieces I was able to snatch up.
I definitely cannot wait to come back again (maybe when the hype had died down a little)

xxx Nicole

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