Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What's in my bag

Hey guys,

Today has been one of those really rare days, where I have been super productive and ended up filming a video along with many other things. I haven't really had much inspiration for videos, but that fortunately hasn't stopped me from at least giving it a go. I'm still striving to get at least 2-3 video's up at least once a month.

So that leaves me with one question, what types of video's do you guys like to watch?
Would you guys like to see more hauls, DIY, vlogs or any other types of videos? Maybe even a
Q &A?  Let me know. I'm really interested in your feed back and criticism, which can only result into improvement right? any criticism is good criticism as they say, or did i just make that up?

Anyway, lets get to it and I hope you enjoy this weeks video!!

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