Monday, 2 June 2014

Addison and Steele

On the weekend my mum and I had a little mother daughter morning. For a while now, on our way to work we had been eyeing this cafe that had opened in North Perth, but we never really managed to peep into the little cafe on the corner. From outside the big open windows allows you to see into the little cafe. The exposed bricks big, exposed light bulb lighting I knew and a fridge full of yummy baked goods (to bad i am gluten free, sniffles).

So on a gloomy Saturday morning while my dad got called up for work, my mum and I decided to go out for breakfast and see what the fuss is all about.

When we walked in we were instantly greeted by one of the many friendly personnel working that morning. The cafe has a retro kind of London atmosphere to it, with the exposed light bulbs and the quirkiness of the top hat lights. It's very much a simplistic yet retro design mixed.

We were seated and given two menus, now unfortunately for because i'm coeliac they didn't really have much of a gluten free option to eat, however they did have a gluten free alternative for muesli and I ended up with a quinoa muesli fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, it was absolutely delicious. Besides muesli they also have a variety of bagels and toast available.

The menu isn't overly fancy or big, as the cafe specialises and is known for their coffee. Everyone working in that cafe also has to have gone through a barista course.

The food and coffee came out quickly and I do have to say the coffee tasted really delicious and the muesli was really nice and refreshing along side of it.

Before I forget and end my blog post here, for all you girls out there. The cafe only has guys working there and they aren't too sore on the eyes either. Who wouldn't want their breakfast with a good view??

What are some of your favourite cafes?

Nicole Xo

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