Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hand food

Working in the office and being in constant air con really does leave the skin dry and irritated. Especially my hands. When looking around for moisturises I always try to find something thats not too buttery and also something that doesn't require you to apply moisturiser to the hands constantly because its just not moisturising enough. Now I know what you are thinking, gosh she is picky, but honestly who likes having to wait ten minutes before it doesn't feel to sticky on the hands or alternatively having to constantly apply moisturiser to the hands because it just simply doesn't moisturise enough. Yeah me neither.

So much to my joy when I looked around and stumbled along the glorious Kit (which is a cosmetics shop) and goggled around the soap and glory section I instantly picked up the hand food and tried it. The first thing that instantly grabbed my attention is the overly delicious scent. It's not to sweet and it instantly reminded me of the delicious berry smoothy that I had at a cafe near the beach. So of course I popped some on my hands and was incredibly happy when my hands turned out smelling beautifully and moisturised, not leaving that buttery thick feeling on your hands.

All in all i'm definitely happy with this purchase and like seen in the pictures I have opted for the small travel size so that I can just pop it in my bag and take it with me, but I may go back and buy the larger size just for home as well, because well... why not??

I hope you'd enjoyed reading this post, let me know what types of moisturisers you guys like to use :)


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