Friday, 14 March 2014

Autumn scents

Slowly Autumn is creeping it's way into the much awaited Australian air. While the sun is still shining strongly, the autumn breeze is definitely sending a slight chill up your spine. As much as I love warm summer days, I cannot tell you how cheerful it made me that for the first in many long awaited nights, I have been able to sleep a lot more peacefully from not having to wake up  from the warm summer air. So on top of that I can finely (that is if the weather doesn't randomly decide to warm up again) start cozying up in warm wooly jumpers while sitting reading a book and sipping on  a nice warm cup of tea, with deliciously scented candles.

Glasshouse candles, are definitely one of my favourite candles here in Australia. They have a range of deliciously scented candles and to get me in the spirit I couldn't help myself, but to pick up the "little black dress" scented candle which I previously haven't seen before in their range. The scent of it makes me a little bit nostalgic as it reminds me a little bit of liquorice. One of my favourite lollies from back when I used to live in Hollands, so of course i couldn't help myself and I definitely had to get it.

Usually I'm not a bit fan of the ikea candles, but this particular candle that I bought reminds me of the  tea scent that you get from fruits of the forrest tea. Now this particular candle is quite sweet so I wouldn't burn it all day, but it does make your house smell deliciously like fruits and who doesn't like a fruity home?

What kind of candles do you like to buy??

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