Sunday, 28 December 2014

Daniel Wellington


I have been eyeing this watch for a while now. Seeing them frequently appear on lots of fashion bloggers wrists and hyping about them. For a while I was perfectly content with my little ol' Urban  Outfitters watch. While I still really love my globe Urban Outfitters watch. I just wanted something a little more fancy. Something that can be worn more than just as an everyday type of watch. 

A couple of weeks ago I spotted the Daniel Wellington watch at a jewellery shop at the beach. Of course I had to try it on just to see what it was like and instantly fell in love. The beautiful rose gold finish and lovely thick bands is what got me. It's simplistic yet elegant. A watch I have been scouring the city for a while. 

I pretty much went home, browsed the web and looked at more reviews from different bloggers about the watch "it can't hurt to do a little research". I found nothing but lovely reviews on was instantly sold. It didn't take me much convincing from there, before I jumped on the Daniel Wellington website and ordered my watch. 

With it being so close to christmas I wasn't positive my watch would arrive on time. However I was stunned to get my watch within a week of ordering. Opening the package I was absolutely over the moon. It came in a beautiful black box. With a white leather detailed band down the middle with Daniel Wellington pressed into the fabric. A perfect storage box to keep it in safely while not wearing it. The Leather straps "or bands" are made of really nice sturdy leather, i'm sure it won't break anytime soon. My only mistake with having bought the watch online, was that I accidentally bought the watch mm size to big. However while some might not agree. I find it a little quirky and different. Appearing as a statement piece/ watch to add a little bit of quirk and elegance to my style. The watch I picked up from the range is the classic bristol (which now i realised I bought from the mens range which is why the clock itself is to big). So if you are after the slightly smaller more feminine size I'll put the link here for you to go on :)

So if you are browsing to add to your watch collection, and are looking for something thats simplistic yet elegant. I'd definitely take a peek at these beautiful range of watches Daniel Wellington has to offer. "If not for the watch then definitely for the box ;)"

So thank you Daniel Wellington for the beautiful watch and quick delivery!

What are some of your favourite watch brands??



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